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What is the Speech Therapy Process? | What does Speech Therapy look like?

Accepting New Clients

Talk to Brookie Speech Therapy is currently accepting new clients in the East Valley, Arizona area (Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley). Reach out to for a free 15-minute consultation call to determine next steps.

Free Consultations for Speech Therapy near me | Do Speech Therapists offer Free Consultations?

Step 1

Initial Consultation


Contact Talk to Brookie to schedule a FREE 15 minute Consultation Call to discuss your child's speech and language difficulties.


The Consultation Call will help us determine the best next steps. 

What does a Language Evaluation look like in Speech Therapy? How do I know if my child will need a Language Evaluation?

Step 2


After the initial consultation call, Talk to Brookie will determine with parents if a formal evaluation will be needed prior to beginning therapy.



Time commitment:1-3 hours

Speech Therapy for everyone

Step 3

Ongoing Therapy

Ongoing therapy sessions are available in 30 or 50 minute increments, depending on your child's

specific case.

Could Your Child Benefit From
Speech Therapy?

Speech Therapy for All Children
Speech Therapists | Happy Place | Safe Place | All Ways Welcome

Booking a Session

Talk to Brookie Speech Therapy offers FREE 15 minute Consultation Calls

Initial Consultation


15 Minute Call

If you're wondering if Speech Therapy could benefit your child, then a Free Consultation is a great place to start.

Speech Therapist Mesa, AZ


1-3 Hours

The evaluation process looks at your child's strengths and areas in the areas of speech production, fluency, language, feeding, social skills, and executive functioning. With a cash pay practice, evaluations are not needed for every case. 


Speech Therapist east valley az

$60/30 minutes 


$110/50 minutes

Weekly therapy sessions will look different for each child, as I tailor my sessions to the unique individual at hand. Sessions are held in your home or online. 


Therapy Sessions

Gay Couple with their Son

$60/30 minutes 


$110/50 minutes

Parents who are interested in making a plan of strategies they can implement at home without weekly sessions (picky eaters, late talkers, fostering language-rich environment for infants).


Training Sessions

Common Questions

Cash Pay

At this time, I do not accept Insurance.


By keeping my practice small and self-pay, it allows me the freedom to provide highly personalized services to each individual child without the limitations given by insurance companies.

If you are searching for an answer regarding HSA/FSA, or ESA funding, please see the next tab titled, "ESA Funding"

Speech Therapist Mesa,AZ
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