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Come as You Are  &

Leave Empowered

Leave Confident

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Meet Brooklyn

I'm Brookie!

As a Speech-Language Pathologist, my main priority and desire is for all children to feel confident and understood. 

At Talk to Brookie Speech Therapy, I allow the children to lead the sessions by meeting them where they are at and building on their strengths.

Availability in the East Valley, Arizona area (Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley). In home and tele-health sessions available. 

Speech Language Pathologists in Mesa, Arizona
Speech Therapists near me who accept ESA Funding

If we can play, we can learn.


When your child attends Speech Therapy for the first time, many emotions may  come to the surface.

The goal at Talk to Brookie Speech Therapy is to guarantee that your child knows that they are cared for and listened to. Connection leads to play; play leads to learning. 


At Talk to Brookie Speech Therapy, children leave equipped with tools that enhance their confidence. 

We use Child-Led and Play-based Speech Therapy to endow every child with the confidence they deserve.


There is no such thing as "Not good enough" or "Too Behind" here!


Communication is our continual target!

Communication will look different for each child, and that is more than okay!


We work with all children to help them, and their family members, to feel confident in their communication.

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Common Questions

Cash Pay

At this time, I do not accept Insurance.


Keeping my practice small and self-pay allows me the freedom to provide highly personalized services to each individual child without the limitations given by insurance companies.

If requested, Talk to Brookie LLC can provide a superbill for families to submit to their insurance to request reimbursement. 

Speech Therapists near me who accept cash pay
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